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First days of 2021

My first days of this years have been odd. Pretty slow and quiet. One of my loved ones hadn’t had the possibility joining me on new year’s eve, which made me quite emotional on the long run. Thoughts getting into your mind, leaving a sour taste with mixed feelings.

Generally observed I’m more emotional than usual for a long time now without knowing the origin, where this may come from. Projects without any end in sight, more and more tasks on a weekly basis, stress and no slowing down. At first the pandemic felt good, as I’ve had time to restructure myself and getting away from a more or less “externally controlled” day in and out. But apart from that the missing balance of some things like sports and concerts leave a noticeable hole.

Oh boy am I missing sports. Digging through the garden in the summer is okay-ish, but not suitable for winter. I’m missing going to the swimming pool. Relaxing and enjoying a piece of mind stroking through the water. Silence inside me, masking noise around me. Lane by lane.

But yeah. It’s like that for now, so I need to get used to it. I’m curious about what the future will bring to all of us. Introducing the vaccine started slowly, but will take a long time to get a more or less overall protection. The life, that’s been normal to everyone, will still take a lot of time to come back.

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