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Changing CMS like underwear

This blog type of thing started first with Ghost CMS. It lacked a native comment section, which I disliked pretty much. Look’n’Feel was totally fine, though. When working with CMS’ I prefer Silverstripe, despite having experience with Drupal (7). For a more or less ready to go platform, I moved from Ghost to Silverstripe.

composer require silverstripe-blog, get a bootstrap 4 basic theme and start from there. Blog, comment section, all good. Tinkering with google search console showed me, that used sitemap addon didn’t seem to fit well. So, deleting it, getting a new one. Make some adjustments, wait a day, look into the search console again. Meh. Further adjustments. Repeat. Distracted by some other IRL things, I just let it sink a few days in.

But the SEO (oh boy, I hate that word) optimization didn’t trigger well, like I thought it would. Before trying some other addons, or writing the stuff by hand (haha, no.), I thought about WordPress. While having a love-hate-relationship with WordPress, I really thought about using it for my very own project. 👀

I’ve got some WordPress built websites of clients transfered for hosting. Full with lots of plugins, outdated designs, obviously outdated wordpress versions, plugins for plugins and the list goes on. But apart from that it is a blogging CMS. Exactly what I’m looking for.

So, I gave it a go, as you could’ve thought already. A simple yet minimal design. Extended by some CSS. 1-2 plugins for convenience stuff. The first downer came pretty quick. Beforehand I’ve looked for a migration solution for importing my previous written posts. Import by rss feed. Mh, ok? What should I say. The plugin (by the wordpress devs?) is outdated as hell, as it uses php functions that have been kicked out of PHP 7.0 already. Without the wish to lose any further time, I quickly copy pasted them manually. Bruh.

Up to now I’m surprised about the page from a user point of view. As long as I don’t have to tinker with writing custom code in here, I’m sure that this was the last move to any other CMS.

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