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Using docker and getting crazy with it

As someone who uses lxc and kvm a lot, I love to have full control over what’s happening in the inside as well as from the ouside. This time I needed to use docker on a NAS, as it’s the only way the NAS OS makes it possible having anything container-like.

So I’ve got myself into this mass, through an App on the NAS Gui. You can download images, put some settings to it, and finally create a container of it. But the settings are pretty limited.

MySQL is running on the host. Let’s head to nextcloud (the Apache one). Downloaded, created, started. Network seems bridged. Finding out about discords bridge and ip pool, the setup went on.

After that I needed a reverse proxy. Normally I would setup a nginx instance and certbot or and go with it. But not when it’s #thedockerway apparently… Searching for some info, I saw Traefik. Going through the NAS Gui, just like with nextcloud, downloaded the Traefik image, set it up and started it.

404 right from the start. Nice. Reading further upon, I need to inject a config file as well as the docker.sock socket. That’s when my hate on docker started further to grow. Normally I would adjust the container config and restart it – tada, here we are. Yet again, not #thedockerway apparently. My wild research on google goes on. There is a config file in json syntax per container, but editing it is a PITA. Adding the config yml and the socket through the bash, restarting docker and restarting Traefik.

A wild backend appears. It automatically picked up the containers, which is pretty nice.

Next step would be adding SSL certs to the reverse proxy. I can’t figure out how this is done. Traefik docs state, that you’ll need to adjust the docker compose parameter. That would mean, that I need to delete the existing container and start a complete new one – with the down side of going through docker via bash instead through the NAS Gui, bypassing the system.

This will need a few thoughts. Due to the date, it’ll most likely be in 2021, though.

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